Everything You Need To Know When Creating Your Garden

Whether you live in a mansion or a quaint suburban home, odds are you have a few free spots of grass in either your front or back yard. These free spots could be used in an assortment of ways. From playgrounds to gazebos, the possibilities are essentially endless when it comes to decorating the outside of your home. But among this sea of endless opportunity, there's only one option that stands out from all the rest: the garden of your dreams. 

Everyone can imagine their perfect garden. The luxury and extravagance of a floral arrangement from heaven, a garden of eve if you will. We all want that perfect garden to invite the neighbors over to see, the garden that will make their faces turn so green with envy they'll look like the Hulk. But where does one start when they're starting from scratch? The answer is M & M Garden Designs, of course!


It's All In The Design: Choosing The Right Theme For Your Garden 

Right from the start, you have to know what kind of look you want your garden to have. Do you want it to have a subtle look? Or do you want something a bit more extravagant and over the top? These are the questions you are going to have to ask yourself and answer in order to grow the garden that you want. 

By choosing a concrete theme, you'll be able to make decisions down the line in a much simpler and easier way. M & M Garden Designs offers various themes that you can choose from in accordance with the vision you have for your garden. This choice of theme is incredibly crucial as it serves as the entire foundation of what your garden will be built on. 

The Look Of It All: Planning Your Layout Just Right 

Once you have a solid idea of how you want your perfect garden to look, it's now time to start sketching it out. Now you don't have to be a Picasso to draw out a usable sketch. All you need is a scrap piece of graphing paper, a pencil, and an idea. With these tools at your side (and an eraser), you'll be unstoppable when designing your layout. 

By mapping out what you want in your garden, you are not only giving yourself a more concrete idea of how to make your garden come to life, but you are also helping M & M Garden Designs figure out how to help you achieve this goal. 

Buying Or Growing: Making The Decision Between Plant And Seed

Finally, we're at the part of the process where you can start getting your hands dirty, literally. But before you go outside and start digging, there's one simple question you have to answer: plants or seeds? This doesn't necessarily mean you have to go with just one. You can mix and match as much as you please. It is your garden, after all. But it's still important to keep in mind the differences between the two. 

Buying seeds to grow your own plants is a very time-consuming process that takes diligence and dedication. What it offers, though, is that the possibilities are essentially endless when it comes to shopping for seeds. The plants these seeds will grow come in all sorts of different colors, sizes, and even heights. If you're looking for a more diverse look for your garden, then seeds are the way to go. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum are plants you buy that are already grown. This is a more cost-efficient way to go while also saving you an abundance of time. The decision to buy plants, though, limits the number of possibilities for your garden. Gardners usually go with already grown plants when trying to achieve a subtle and reserved look for their garden, not something flamboyant or over the top. 

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