The Best Floral Arrangements For Your Garden

A garden is nothing more than the sum of its parts. These attributes can range from flowers to plants and lights to pots. But how does one make their garden stand out from all the rest when there are so many choices out there to pick from? The answer may not be as complicated as you may think it is. M & M Garden Designs offers a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to the best floral arrangements for your cherished garden. 

From cottage gardens to thematic gardens and butterfly gardens to wildflower gardens, M & M Garden Designs has something for everyone. No matter your budget or your style, you will be hard-pressed to find another landscape designer that's better than M & M Garden Designs.


Not Just For Across The Pond: The Best Cottage Garden Designs 

One of the most popular garden designs at M & M Garden Designs is the cottage garden. Originated from Europe in Victorian England, the cottage design is an informal style that uses a mixture of traditional materials with ornamental and edible plants. This style provides more freedom when it comes to creating a personalized garden. These gardens usually evoke a prominent sense of romance and class through stands of peonies and red roses. 

Accompanied by this variety of flowers is usually a hand made picket fence that serves as the entryway into the extravagant garden. While the picket fence is usually the most popular choice, there is an assortment of options to choose from when designing the entryway into your garden. 

To Hear The Flapping Of Wings: Butterfly Gardens For You 

As the name suggests, a butterfly garden is designed to create and improve the habitat for creatures such as butterflies, moths, and even skippers. At M & M Garden Designs, you'll be able to nurture and maintain a flawless butterfly garden that will become the home for hundreds of fascinating butterflies and other creatures. 

M & M will help you find the right plants to nourish the delicate creature's transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. It's crucial to choose these plants with extreme care as they have the potential to cause real damage to a butterfly's total life span. 

Where The Wild Things Are: Your Guide To Wildflower Gardens 

The most cost-efficient garden that M & M Garden designs offer is the wildflower garden. As its name implies, the wildflower garden is a garden comprised of a multitude of wildflowers. These can range from New England Asters to Blanket Flowers and from Bachelor Buttons to Cardinal Flowers. 

These wildflower gardens are usually easy to maintain and do not need too much attention from the gardener. Even though these gardens are low-cost, they look far from it. With flares of striking colors, wildflower gardens are usually the most popular garden design as they tend to have a more appealing and captivating look to them.

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