The Best Herbs To Grow

So you've completed the layout of your garden. First thing's first, congratulations are in order. Give yourself a big pat on the back. Are you done? Okay, now it's time to get to the hard part: planting the actual herbs and plants. Now with so many options and varieties out there, this may seem like a daunting task to take on. But lucky for you, there's no need to fear; this is why you have us on your side. 

M & M Garden Designs prides itself on guiding our customers to figuring out exactly what kind of herbs they want for their garden. Anything that ranges from basil to chives and even mint to coriander, we'll help you find the perfect herb that fits the image you've imagined for your dream garden. Here are a few prominent herbs to fill your garden with.


The Most Important Part Of A Salad: Basil 

One of the more popular herbs grown in many gardens is basil. A popular choice due to the fact that it is a key ingredient in a number of recipes, specifically most salads and Mediterranean classics. This herb is specifically grown in the summer due to the fact that it can't withstand the harsh cold of late fall and early winter. 

Basil can only be grown outside, so it's imperative that they are moved indoors when winter comes around. It's also important to point out that basil must be planted in fertile soil, so it receives as much light and warmth as possible. The best place to plant basil is preferably in a greenhouse, but you can plant them within your backyard garden as well. 

The Easiest Of Them All: Chives 

Another popular herb is chives. Due to its simplistic growing nature and easy to produce process, chives can be found in most gardens. It's interesting to note that chives were originally used to force bad spirits out of one's home. This gave birth to an urban legend surrounding the infamous herb. 

Like basil, chives can be used in an assortment of recipes such as potato salad, soup, and even omelets. They are primarily used in summer recipes. Another similarity to basil is that chives are incredibly easy to grow and usually require low maintenance. All they need is to be planted strategically in a place where it can soak in four to five hours of sunlight a day. 

Icy Fresh: Mint 

No, we don't mean the thing you pop inside your mouth to have better breath. This is a universally hardy herb that is incredibly easy to grow within your personal garden. Also known as spearmint, this herb usually blossoms in the late summer and early fall. 

While the herb is incredibly easy to grow, it can quickly overtake your entire garden if it isn't watched and controlled properly. Mint differs from both chives and basil due to its invasive and controlling nature. One of the primary aspects that makes mint such a popular herb is that you can use it to make natural herbal tea once it's dried out.


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