The Best Low Maintenance Vegetables For Your Garden

When it comes to growing a garden, there is a variety of choices that need to be made before you start any digging. First, you have to decide what exactly it is you want to plant or grow. Then you have to figure out how to grow or plant those items. Luckily for you, we're here to take your hand and help you along the way.

There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to growing low-maintenance vegetables for your garden. From radishes to lettuce and green beans to potatoes, the possibilities are essentially endless. And when you choose easier-to-grow vegetables, you'll have more free time to take care of other areas of your garden and house. Here are some of the best low-maintenance vegetables to plant in your garden.



Try growing something that would make Dwight Schrute proud. Beetroots are some of the easiest vegetables to grow due to the fact that they can be sewn directly into shallow soil. They also only take a few weeks to actually harvest, so you don't have to wait as long as you would with other vegetables. 


The easiest vegetable to grow on this list, potatoes are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to growing vegetables. Like beetroots, potatoes don't take long to grow or harvest. It's important to know that they should be planted in late summer to avoid hot and humid weather that will damage these vegetables. 

Chilli "Cayenne" 

It's now time to add a little spice to your garden. Cayennes are another vegetable that is incredibly easy to grow. They are usually best to grow in containers on a window sill so they can absorb as much sun and light as possible. Begin to grow these vegetables in summer, and they will continue to crop until the first chills of late autumn. 


The largest vegetable on this list, radishes are very easy to sow and grow within any type of garden or soil. Like the other suggestions on this list, radishes don't take a long time to grow or harvest as they are finished within just a couple of weeks of growth. It is recommended that radishes should be produced within the ground and not within a container. 


From the largest vegetable to the smallest, peas are incredibly easy to grow and are considered very low maintenance. Peas are mainly grown in order to be added to salads. It is highly recommended that you should raise your peas within containers instead of in the ground. 

Bush Tomatoes 

The final vegetable on our list, bush tomatoes is a fan favorite due to just how easy and straightforward they are to grow. They are usually produced in a hanging basket in either a greenhouse or outside. While they are easy to grow, it is crucial that you water them regularly and that you feed them weekly with high-potash fertilizer. When it comes to easy-to-grow vegetables, there's nothing simpler than bush tomatoes. 


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