Vegetables To Grow In A Hanging Basket

Some of the most common things to grow in any garden are vegetables. From carrots to lettuce and green beans to squash, there is a wide range of what vegetables you can grow within your garden. But there are a few options we tend to forget about when it comes to growing out container gardens. Most people think that you have to grow vegetables solely in the ground. This is just not the case.

From cherry tomatoes to mustard greens and strawberries to small peppers, you can grow a variety of vegetables within your hanging baskets. Growing vegetables in a hanging basket tend to be more difficult than growing them in the ground due to the amount of time and patience they take. But if you do it right, you'll find yourself with some of the best-tasting vegetables. Here are a few vegetables to grow in a hanging basket.



A good spicy pepper can change any meal. That is if it's grown correctly. Peppers are the perfect vegetable to start off with when it comes to growing them in hanging baskets. These vegetables need two essential components to grow and thrive: water and light. It's important to know that the more light a pepper gets, the faster it grows. Peppers also require organic and rich potting soil. NOT regular garden soil. Pepper plants are usually self-pollinators, so they don't need any pollinators, but the addition of these pollinators would not harm the growth of these vegetables. 


When it comes to growing eggplants in hanging baskets, the biggest concern is to find a basket big enough to hold these gigantic vegetables. Like peppers, eggplants need a lot of light and water for them to grow correctly. These vegetables thrive the most within a sunny climate, so the summer season is the perfect opportunity to start growing. Eggplants also thrive with a lot of water, so it's important to remember to constantly and continuously water these vegetables in order to get the biggest bang out of your buck. 


Popeyes' favorite vegetable. And the one that gives you the muscles of the well-worn sailor. Unlike the previous two vegetables, spinach actually thrives in cool weather and lower light. This makes the spring or fall season the perfect time to start planting these vegetables. Like eggplants, spinach thrives off a lot of water, so it's important to remember to carefully water these vegetables whenever you can. It's also important to remember that you must keep spinach consistently moist and not soggy to keep it growing organically. 

Green Beans

Our personal favorite on the list, green beans are a reasonably simple vegetable to grow in a hanging basket due to their low maintenance. The main thing to remember when it comes to growing green beans is to take care of the soil type, pot drainage, and even the depth of your pot or basket. Green beans should be fertilized at least once a month in order to avoid any ruined or poisoned crops. 

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